This first conference will allow for the UK Sport Karate community to catch up with other Olympic sports where access to top level speakers, coaches and trainers is firmly fixed in their continued professional development.


The first World Class Sport Karate Coaching Conference in the UK. We aim to provide delegates with a inspired, creative and educational space to develop and challenge their current philosophies, practices and concepts in the area of Sport Karate and the support teams (Cognitive training, sports conditioning and sports medicine) that are required in individual athletes, teams and squads. The new Olympic era requires a clearer and more decisive direction of all elite coaches. The format of the conference is to provide all coaches with a direction for practice and implementation of their current coaching but provide open forums for discussion, debate and conclusions to be drawn

    Why Attend?

    • As a Coach?

      Develop and engage with like minded delegates and speakers on the past, present and future direction of Sport Karate. Understand the principles, concepts and creative drills that made Britain into the driving force of World Sport Karate. Cutting edge cognitive training which is used by the most forwarded and successful teams and individuals in World Sport. The ‘go to’ principles to peak for the new pathways to Olympic qualification and Continental Championships. What works and doesn’t work in the S&C for peak performance in Sport Karate The understanding of point decision making and what the worlds best do to guarantee the awarding of points. Understand how to use your knowledge of rules to gain a valuable edge at World Level. Tips and advice to develop a consistence in the awarding of points at senior level. These are a few of the areas and topics which speakers will address for coaches.

    • As an Athlete?

      The Conference is primarily for coaches but athletes will benefit by attending as they will see how coaching assisted in producing individual and teams to continental and World Titles and medals. How to develop personal training programmes and what support teams should provide for you.

    • As an Instructor?

      For instructors that want to develop their knowledge of elite coaching in the area of Sport Karate. Develop the WKF Sport Karate part of their club or Association. Increase understanding of what made Britain a leading Nation in World Sport Karate in the 80’s, 90’s and early 2000’s.

    • Who will you meet?

      Other coaches that have a desire to further their knowledge and partake in discussion to enhance their coaching level. Meet, chat and debate in a forum environment that is open and friendly to maximise coaching in this country. From meeting the speakers you will have access and continued support from WCSKC after the conference. A network of like minded people who are looking to further themselves in the development of creative thinking within Sport Karate.


    The conference will cover four main streams. Each Speaker will speak on each stream and the open question and answer section will allow for delegates to enquire and debate further in each topic.

      Sport Karate Elite Coaching

      Cognitive Performance Training

      Strength, Conditioning and Physiology for Modern Sport Karate

      WKF Rule understandings and use for World Medalling Sport Karate

    The Speakers

    Vic Charles M.B.E - Mervyn Etienne - Paul Simmons - Dale Gamble

      Vic Charles M.B.E 8th DanMervyn Etienne MSc 6th DanPaul Simmons, msc,bsc,hons,maaf,cscs,acsm,cert 6th DanDale Gamble 7th Dan

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    from World Class Sport Karate Coaching Conference


    The first World Class Sport Karate Coaching Conference is happening in 2019. This event will focus on information for all coaches that want to develop their understanding and competence in elite coaching. This is for all levels of coaches and will be of benefit to coaches from Club level, Association level, World level to World performing coaches.

    Key topics. The principles and fundamentals for drill and skill development for a world performing karate athlete. Developing the partnership of rule understanding with performing on the tatami. Each stream will be covered by an individual speaker. The open question and answer section at conference will allow for delegates to enquire and debate further in each stream/topic. Aligning the expectations of a coach to an athlete from National to World level. Developing the partnership of rule understanding with using rules for performance results (international championships). The basics of cognitive performance and how to utilise key techniques. Cognitive training tips and solutions for performance coaches. Introducing K1 Premier league holding programme for consistent S&C through calender. How to peak and taper within the era of the Olympic qualification. The Do’s and Don’ts when dealing with a multiple peaking season in your physical training. Combining effective S&C training with creative Karate coaching. The inter-disciplinary team relationship for a Professional Karate team and/or athlete.

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