Sport Karate is slowly evolving from a non Olympic Sport to an Olympic Sport.

The Olympic Journey for any Global sport starts in the cycle of preparing for Olympic inclusion (short listing and inclusion) to its first Olympic Games. This expands the global footprint of any sport which has no professional element to it (no professional leagues and professional sponsorship)

Why is this of any significance to Karate?

For many sports they are either a professional sport before becoming an Olympic Sport (multiple platforms that don’t exist in previous non Olympic Sports) or have been a Olympic Sport for many years and have had the four yearly cycle to promote their sport to a global audience. Karate has had neither of these.

For any new Olympic Sports the pathway and then build up to a Olympic Games allows for the Sport to become more professional in every aspect of its organisation, opportunities, sponsorship, competition platform, globalisation and opportunity for professional athletes.

In many countries the opportunity to win more Olympic medals to add to their final tally on the medal table means that many countries which have an opportunity to increase medals and specifically ‘Gold’ medals will focus resources on their most successful sports.

For Karate we have many countries that could fill this space


and many nations that could bring back a medal in a specific weight classification or disciplines.

These facts mean that we should consider the way we think about Sport Karate in Britain and look at the already try and tested programmes and pathways that other minor sports have used such as British Cycling, British Rowing, British Equestrian and British Boxing. These are all sports where participation is ‘niche’ but have shown great Olympic programmes and medal tally’s.

To provide programmes and structure you have to first consider other Olympic Sport Journeys and then look at the successful sports which mirror Sport Karate. From there you can look at the history of our sport and draw on both. The third part of the triangle is the success of National programmes that operate in your International sport.

Bring these together and then consider where the sport is going and how personal creativity can create the forward direction of the sport programme.

A three point triangular programme with a creative direction gives you a vision for a successful National Programme.

But for any programme to be successful you need the human content to be the most important. A Nation of successful business and entrepreneurship needs great teaching as its foundation. A successful Olympic Sport programme needs great coaching at is foundation. To provide this we need great coach education.

Leadership, knowledge and sharing of coach experiences is where this journey starts. We hope that WCSK 2019 Coaching conference will be an important part of this process

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