Karate as a martial art has always been a global passer of information which has successfully made Karate as a martial art as popular as it has. You will find a Dojo in any part of the World.
The competitive element of Karate has also meant that many Karateka have traveled to run courses and seminars to pass the wisdom of their success onto Karateka from many Nations around the World.
We as a country have been a strong part of this culture with many of our finest competitors traveling around the World and passing on the secrets to their success.
This has always been on a more physical level with technique and technical guidance of Karate Skills with dashes of the athlete’s personal creativity in their chosen delivery of the course.
The next stage in this evolving Olympic sport is the platform for both coaches, educators, athletes to be presented with the information that allows them to see how programmes and pathways are developed and delivered to address progress from Squads, Teams and individual performances at the elite level.
The format of the World Class Sports Karate Coaching Conference allows for an environment where learning is specific to these areas but allows for debate with a question and answer sessions where any delegate can make the experience personal to themselves.
For the coach this will be important wherever they currently are positioned in their career. For the athlete, it will give them ideas and knowledge so that they can make better choices about their current training practices and pathways to success.
For the instructor, the content of the conference will be an interesting view of the elite aspects of their Olympic Sport and hopefully will give them a shift in there thinking of how elite athletes and teams progress at an elite level.
We hope that this will shift thinking and help in the continued professional development of British and International coaches, athletes and instructors.
The international conference and first in the UK, will be an event not to be missed so to catch first 30 early bird tickets, click on the ‘BUY NOW’ button at top of website. After the first 30 are gone tickets revert back to Full Conference fee of £99.99.
We look forward to seeing you there!
WCSK Coaching Conference Team

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